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Social Responsibility

At HMEL, we are committed to energising a brighter tomorrow for the communities we operate within and the eco-systems we occupy. Sustainable business and social development is a way of life for us and has been seamlessly integrated into our business planning, strategy and practice at every stage and level. By being the harbinger of change, we empower communities to be self-reliant.

We adopt a comprehensive approach in our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and work in various areas such as: enhancing economic growth, women’s empowerment, skill development for sustainable livelihoods, human health, education support, and agriculture and infrastructure development. It has been our constant endeavour to work responsibly towards our communities and include them in our growth story.

Economic Empowerment

Livelihoods & Women’s Entrepreneurship


Vocational Training & Employability

Community Healthcare

Medical Aid and Cleanliness

Education & Infrastructure

School & Village Facilities

Investing in the youth, investing in a brighter tomorrow

We firmly believe that education is the principle tool to break the shackles of poverty to grow in life. Our initiatives to strengthen the education infrastructure through teacher up-skilling, parenting awareness, library facilities, language coaching, career counselling, vocational training, uniform, stationery and bicycle distribution, etc., are rooted in the belief of a brighter tomorrow.