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Safety & Sustainability

Leveraging Cutting Edge Technology to Reduce Our Water Footprint

5 mins

Water is indispensable in the most demanding and complex industry - oil and gas. It is a vital resource used in various processes in oil refineries. The traditional ways of water usage in the sector are being scrutinized for their environmental impact and sustainability.


Leadership Insights

Always passionate and hungry about learning, sharing knowledge, and steering through financial landscapes, Harak Banthia has marked an illustrious journey as the Chief Financial Officer of HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) since April 2011. With over three decades of rich experience, Harak's professional odyssey unfolds as a narrative of strategic financial management and global business acumen.

Tech & Innovation

All over the world, the idea of becoming net zero in emissions is taking root. Countries, both developed and developing, are taking positive steps towards reducing their emissions. These emissions play a huge role in atmospheric pollution and global warming. Climate change is becoming a real concern because of harmful emissions and global warming.