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Innovation @ HMEL

R&D and Innovation is a key pillar of our Sustainability strategy, enabling us to advance the future of energy with breakthrough developments leading to the forward integration of petrochemical product streams.

HMEL, R&D-Innovation team is working on developing economic models and deploying innovative process technologies in the areas of chemical & additive development for refinery and petrochemical consumption, new product development for valorization of low value streams and technologies for process improvement and environment protection. The team collaborates with reputed academic institutions and national CSIR laboratories on research projects focusing on refining and petrochemical additives.

Our team has developed and implemented an innovative process technology for treating refinery & petrochemical spent caustic effluent, an alternative to Wet Air Oxidation. The developed technology is based on process intensification principles, with several economic benefits over conventional technology. HMEL fosters a culture of employee innovation through a dedicated Innovation Policy, encouraging them to file patents for indigenous applications. HMEL has filed 30 patent applications, encompassing process improvement studies and new process/product technologies, and received 6 Indian patent grants.