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Corporate Governance @ HMPL

At HMPL value creation for stakeholders remains a cornerstone of our long-term business sustainability. Our corporate governance philosophies are structured to ensure we deliver value to our stakeholders. A dedicated team operates within a clear governance framework to rundown the operations while optimizing stakeholder value. In the pursuit of greater long-term stakeholder value, we continue to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, which are fundamental to risk management and building of trust with our stakeholders. Our corporate governance processes play a key role in supporting the delivery of our strategies and performance. A well-defined corporate governance culture allows the business to operate on a sustainable basis and ensures continuity of focus and leadership.

Presently, the Company has three Committees of the Board i.e. Audit Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and Nomination & Remuneration Committee to perform the functions in accordance with the terms of reference as approved by the Board of Directors, and as envisaged under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.