From the Classroom to the Future: Fuelling the Future Through Educational Empowerment

Education stands as a cornerstone for individual and societal growth, particularly in a nation like India where it serves as a critical pathway for social mobility. HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) through HPCL-Mittal Foundation, strives to uplift individuals and communities by working in sectors like education, health, skill development, livelihood, community infrastructure, environment and aim at inclusive growth. Our CSR initiatives are rooted in this understanding, striving to unlock the potential within each student. The guiding force for our efforts is the commitment to educational advancement in the Bathinda district by partnering with over local Government schools in the region.

Through our focus on academic journey mapping, we aim to meet the educational needs of students while fostering sustainable social development. Our approach is collaborative, working alongside village panchayats near Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, the District Education Department, and other stakeholders to foster an environment where education can thrive and encourage national development.

A Community Approach

At HMEL, we take a community-driven approach to education, with a particular focus on 46 villages in Bathinda District. Collaborating closely with local village panchayats, the District Education Department, and other key players, our joint efforts continue to positively influence the lives of over 20,000 locals through diverse programmes.

In a country like India, where education is the key to upward mobility, our initiatives are not just CSR activities; they are nation-building efforts. We are driven by a steadfast commitment to ensure that education uniquely impacts the future of numerous students and contributes significantly to national development. As the saying goes, "Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world." Our team is making that difference- one student at a time.

Supporting students’ journey from Primary to University

Recognising the potential in every child, we ensure that students are supported right from their primary school up to graduation from university. However, our role extends beyond financial aid and aligns with fostering a culture that encourages students to aim high while equipping them with the necessary resources to achieve soaring ambitions.

  1. Primary Education: Our focus begins at the grassroot level, ensuring that primary schools are well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure, including classrooms, clean toilets, drinking water, and playgrounds. By distributing books, uniforms, and stationery to over 18,000 students and enriching their education with extracurricular activities and library access, we lay a robust groundwork for their future.
  2. Middle School: Understanding the challenges of rural commuting, we are providing bicycles to all the girl students of class 8th-10th, facilitating easier access to education. Our initiatives are also focused on enhancing STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) by setting up mini-science labs in local schools, ensuring that students from Bathinda and surrounding areas are well-prepared for future challenges.
  3. High School and Beyond: For overall development of the students, we organise interschool sports competition, drawing and painting competitions and work in close coordination with the School Management Committees to understand the future developmental needs.

Bridging the Gap for IIT and NIT Aspirants

One of our standout initiatives is the support for students aspiring to join premier institutes like IITs and NITs. Understanding the financial constraints that many students from government schools face, we have taken up the cause of promoting STEM education.

We have collaborated with the Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL), an organisation known for nurturing talent and supporting the underprivileged through education. Together, we are providing for 11-month residential coaching for 10 every year, covering all expenses, from boarding to books, during their stay at the CSRL facility in Delhi.

As a part of this programme, CSRL conducts screening tests across 30 Government schools of Bathinda district under the guidance of the District Education Officer. This initiative is already showing results, with two female students from the local villages of Bathinda being selected to undergo the programme in Delhi.

Rewarding Merit: Laptops, Scholarships, and More

Our belief in rewarding merit has led to numerous students receiving laptops, tablets, and substantial financial support. The Siksha Sathi Scholarship programme, which started three years ago, has seen a surge in the number of meritorious students from local government schools. These scholarships are not just about financial aid; they are a symbol of our trust in these young minds.

In Class 12, students achieving top three ranks receive substantial financial assistance accompanied by a laptop, while all meritorious students receive financial scholarship.

Similarly, top rankers of Class 10 are granted tablet and financial assistance as well as meritorious students get financial scholarship.

Since its inception three years ago, our scholarship scheme has significantly boosted academic achievements. The rising number of meritorious students is a testament to its success, with 79 scholarship recipients qualifying for prestigious school entrance exams and 16 pursuing Elementary Teacher Training, shaping them into future educators. The digital tools that we provided have also proved invaluable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling students to continue their education online.

Infrastructure Upgrades and More

Our commitment doesn't stop at scholarships. Acknowledging the challenges faced by government schools, especially in terms of infrastructure, we have undertaken several projects to upgrade facilities. From setting up libraries and providing RO water supply to building repairs and distributing uniforms, our efforts are comprehensive. We are proud that initiatives undertaken by us have led to a significant increase in student enrolment in local government schools.

Our efforts are not just limited to students. Recognising the pivotal role teachers play, we conduct sessions for teacher up-skilling and parental awareness. The positive feedback from parents, school management committees, and local authorities is a testament to our impact.

Shaping Futures: Our Pledge for Student Success

As we continue to chart the academic journeys of our students, our focus remains steadfast on nurturing their potential and guiding them towards a brighter future. Our commitment goes beyond mere educational support; it is about instilling hope and making tangible, positive changes within the local community. Every initiative, every programme we introduce, is a step towards empowering these young minds, ensuring that their success is interwoven with the progress of our society. At HMEL, we are not just creating a legacy of learning; we are building a foundation for a prosperous community, one student at a time.