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Working at HMEL

Working with HMEL- A world of difference, experience of a lifetime. Inspired by our core values, united by our unique capabilities and can-do spirit, we are consistently growing stronger to take on the most complex challenges in the future. By successfully commissioning the Refinery in a record time, we have proved that by seamlessly working as a strong team, we have been able to achieve a remarkable feat.

Our Culture – Walk the talk is the hall mark of our culture. The Top Leadership team is committed to allow enough space to its employees to perform and excel in different areas. Emotional attachment of employees and the family members with the organisation is high on the agenda of the organisation to make this organisation as the Best place to work.  Endurance for patience reflecting Respect for people is also very high. All this differentiates us from the rest, and is the catalyst for great opportunity in the future. Thriving on change and passionate about continuous innovation and improvement, we are focused on meeting our commitments to the stake holders.

Diversity and Inclusion – HMEL has over 1200 committed employees with diverse experience from over 150 leading organizations from India and abroad. There are employees working from other nationalities as well thereby providing a unique opportunity of cross culture learning. Learning from and respecting the uniqueness of individuals and their varied backgrounds, talents and perspectives are keys to leading-edge performance and success. More than beliefs and commitments, diversity and inclusion are sources of pride at HMEL as core values, success factors and competitive advantages. By celebrating and blending these unique attributes and perspectives, they inspire results and enrich a quality of life that would not otherwise be possible.

Endorsing this spirit of inclusion fosters an environment in which everyone can reach his or her full potential.

Benefits – Our comprehensive benefits programs are well-balanced in terms of being locally competitive and customizable to individual employee and family needs. We maintain comprehensive, competitive benefits programs that address the health, welfare and security of our employees. We have a Best in Class Medical Insurance cover which covers an employee and his family for all out door and hospitalisation expenses. Apart from this the post-retirement medical needs of self and spouse are also covered.

Commitment to HMEL's Core Values – We promote a company culture that encourages Teamwork, Safety, Achieve targets and meeting deadlines, Ethical practices, Continuous learning’s and respect for people. Throughout the organization we are strongly committed to business and personal integrity and compliance, both in letter and spirit, with applicable regulations and law. Through our policies, procedures and awareness programs, we foster an environment where every employee is accountable to exercise due diligence to prevent, detect and report conduct that violates our Code of Business Conduct, applicable laws or regulations. By upholding to our Core Values, we have an ambition to make HMEL as an organisation which is seen with lot of respect in the society around us.