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Employer of choice

HMEL aspires to be an employer of choice. Its vision is to be a World Class Refining company, with best in class technology, systems and processes and the people so as to meet the aspirations of all its stake holders. This can only be achieved by providing an environment wherein an employee strives to contribute his best to the organisation. For this the culture of the organisation should promote healthy competition amongst the employees, enhance performance orientation, encourage self-learning and growth, reward and recognise good performance and above all make all employees as partners to the organisations growth and development. 

All this cannot be achieved without the emotional involvement of the employees. This requires instilling trust and ownership amongst the employees. Empowerment is essence of all this and we have tried to do our best to reach this level in this within a span of four years in this journey.

The employees have evolved Core Values of Safety first, Team Work, High Ethical Standards, Achieve Targets and Deadlines, Continuous Improvement and Learning and Respect for People, which acts a guiding principle the employees. Associated with each of these core values are Behavioural Indicators, again all evolved by the employees only. This gives an understanding of what are the behaviours which the organisation would like to see amongst its employees to say that they have achieved these core values.

Opportunity for Growth: Learning is the key for any effective growth and the company believes in that. As an employer of choice, employees are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills and help build their leadership capabilities. The company believes that the Career growth is resultant of business need coupled with capability of the individual to take higher responsibility. Based on this and taking into account the performance of the individual we have a Career Progression Policy

Leadership Development: One of the most important aspects for organisation development is that of creating a never ending pool of leadership across levels in the organisation. The organisation is committed to that and has developed a plan for aligning the thought processes at the organisational leadership level and then work towards improvement on identified areas. This level shall act as a catalyst for bringing about change at the other levels.

Employee Engagement: The company strives for a highly motivated and engaged employee base across the organisation. The company gets employee engagement survey conducted after every couple of years to understand the areas of improvement and focusses on it to take the organisation to the next level. Reward and Recognition is the way of life. Employees are rewarded based on the Core Value achievement in Town-hall meetings.

Performance Oriented Culture: As a part of our initiative to take care of high performing employees and in order to help build a performance oriented culture, we have a robust performance management system. The entire performance management system is in SAP and complete transparency is maintained. Based on the scores, the employees are forced ranked so as promote relative performance across the organisation. Based on performance the variable pay is decided. Annual increase in compensation is also decided based on this and other market conditions. Annual and mid-year feedback process also helps in improving the level of performance and meeting the expectations from the employees.